For most of us, our homes are our greatest single investment. It is more than just lumber, drywall, paint, siding, or a roof. It is HOME. It's where we can come to after a long day at work and totally relax. It is where we create special memories with family and friends. It is part of the American Dream.

We at Cochran Exteriors get the chance to work with homeowners to restore or update the look of their homes. It’s amazing the huge impact that our homeowners see when they are pulling up to the new look of their home.

In today's blog we are going to focus on our Protection Level 3 roofing system. Notice that we do not call it just a roof; because your roof is more complex than the shingles that you can see from the curb. A roofing system starts in the attic space with a check of the insulation and ventilation. Following the attic space is the roofing material.The roofing material starts with a great nailing surface and building that system up to the shingles. The last part of the roofing system is how we collect all the water shed by the roof and get it funneled away from the foundation of the home.

We would like to feature 5 components of our Protection Level 3 Roofing System:

1.   Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingles with SureNail Technology

SureNail Techology is a game changer. These shingles are embedded with a tough woven fabric on the nailing zone. This gives our installer a clear area to install the nails, gives the best surface to seal the next course of shingles to the shingles underneath, and holds the shingle to the roof deck better than any other shingle on the market.

2.   Owens Corning DuraRidge Hip and Ridge shingles with SureNail Technology

These “cap” shingles features the same SureNail Technology as the Duration shingles that they compliment.

3.   Owens Corning Deck Defense Underlayment

We have come a long way since felt paper was the preferred underlayment material. What use to easily tear and be waving is now a tear proof material that lays flat even if it is exposed to rain. Deck Defense is the best secondary water shedding system we have found.

4.   Owens Corning WeatherLock Flex

A roofer's dream roof is a simple up and over roof that has zero penetrations. Today's homes are featuring some visibly stunning roofs with steep pitches and as many facets as some diamonds. They have skylights and exhaust pipes popping up and out. All of those great visual things make a roof more susceptible to failure. WeatherLock Flex is a flexible and pliable waterproof barrier that will adhere around irregular shapes, inside corners and sharp angles.

5.   Owens Corning Platinum Protection Warranty

With all the things in your life that you have to worry about, we want your roof to be something that is completely worry free! A warranty is only as good as the company that backs it up. As an elite Platinum Preferred Contractor we can offer a lifetime warranty backed by Owens Corning.

If you would like a free inspection of your roofing system or a free quote on the replacement of your current roof, call 317-288-5016 to schedule today.