Indiana Roof Cost Calculator Free Roofing Price Estimates

Our Indiana roof cost calculator provides price estimates for roof replacements based on your home’s dimensions. Get an estimate by measuring your roof using satellite imaging technology!

New $27,000 roof built in Indiana

How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Indiana? 

A new roof for the average-sized home in Indiana (1,742 sq ft) will cost between $10,000 and $18,000. The price of roof replacement will vary depending on the size of the roof, the chosen roofing materials, the complexity of the roof’s architecture, and any underlying issues with the existing roof system.

Roofers in Indiana replacing shingles

Average Roof Replacement Cost in Your Area

The average roof replacement costs in the below table reflect the average roof size in each Indiana city. For a price range estimate based on the specifications of your unique home, use the roof cost calculator above or contact Cochran Exteriors for a detailed quote. 

How Roof Material and Size Affect Your Costs

The size and type of roofing material you choose for your home or building are the primary factors influencing the overall cost. Asphalt shingles remain a popular option for their attractive appearance, durable performance, and relatively low price point. For an upgrade to metal roofing, be prepared for costs up to 2.5 times higher than traditional asphalt shingles. Flat roofing systems tend to be a more economical choice compared to asphalt shingles for many residential and commercial applications. Most roofing materials are priced based on square footage, meaning larger roof surfaces will inevitably result in higher overall costs. 

Average Roof Replacement Costs in Indiana by Roof Material

Roof MaterialAvg. Replacement Cost
Asphalt Shingles $9,800 - $16,290
Metal Roofing $34,301 - $57,015
CityAvg. Roof Replacement Cost
Indianapolis $15,926 - $24,452
Lawrence $18,683 - $28,685
Marion $11,879 - $20,808
Bloomington $17,797 - $27,323
Carmel $13,759 - $30,945
Cicero $12,343 - $21,621
Lafayette $15,891 - $24,398
Muncie $10,958 - $19,195

* The above price ranges are just estimates and may not equal the price of a roof replacement on your home. To get the most accurate roof price estimate, contact Cochran Exteriors.

Average Roof Replacement Costs By Square Footage

Roof Square FootageRoof Cost
1,000 sq ft $3,140 - $10,980
1,100 sq ft $8,371 - $14,663
1,200 sq ft $9,132 - $15,996
1,300 sq ft $9,893 - $17,329
1,400 sq ft $10,654 - $18,662
1,500 sq ft $11,415 - $19,995
1,750 sq ft $13,317 - $23,327
2,000 sq ft $17,560 - $26,960
2,200 sq ft $19,316 - $29,656
2,500 sq ft $21,950 - $33,700
3,000 sq ft $33,870+

* The above price ranges are just estimates and may not equal the price of a roof replacement on your home. To get the most accurate roof price estimate, contact Cochran Exteriors.

2,000 square foot metal roof that costs $22,000

Other Factors Impacting Roof Replacement Costs

  • Roof Pitch Icon

    Roof Pitch

    The steepness or pitch of your roof is a significant factor in the overall cost. When working on roofs with steep slopes, contractors have to utilize additional safety equipment, which increases the time required for installation and the associated costs.

  • Seasonal Demand Icon

    Seasonal Demand

    The season in which you schedule your roof replacement can also impact the costs. Generally, the cheapest times for roof replacements are during the spring, fall, or early winter months. Summer is the busiest period for roofing projects, leading to an increase in prices due to heightened demand.

Will Insurance Cover My Roof Replacement? 

If your roof has been damaged by a fire, storm, or other covered event, your homeowner’s insurance may pay for your roof replacement. Policy terms vary, so refer to your unique homeowner's insurance policy to ensure you understand what events are and are not covered. 

How Much Do Roof Repairs Cost in Indiana? 

On average, roof repairs in Indiana can range from as low as $300 for minor issues to $3,000 or more for more extensive damage. The cost of a roof repair in Indiana can vary significantly depending on the size and nature of the necessary repair, as well as the area of the roof and the specific roofing material in need of fixing. Addressing damage to your roof promptly is crucial, neglecting repairs will exacerbate the problem and lead to higher repair costs or even the need for a complete roof replacement. 

What Goes Into Quoting Roof Repairs? 

For a roof repair quote, several key factors play roles in determining the costs. While every case is unique, consider some common variables to understand what to expect: 

Roof Repair Background Image

The larger the damaged area, the higher the likely repair costs. Common repairs, like a couple of missing or damaged shingles, can cost as little as $10 per square foot plus labor costs.

$30,000 Residential Metal Roof In Indiana

The cost of roof repairs will vary depending on the specific material being repaired. Generally, repairs to an asphalt or flat roof will be less expensive than repairs on a metal roof.

Steep, complex residential cedar roofing system

Factors like the roof’s height, shape, and pitch will all influence the repair cost. Steeper, more complex roofs require an extra level of precision and safety measures, often resulting in longer repair times and higher costs.

Damaged asphalt roof in Indiana

Common issues like leaks may only require a few hundred dollars for repairs. More extensive damage, like holes, roof decay, or warping necessitates the repair contractor to address more complex areas of the roof and increase the costs.

Average Roof Repair Costs by Damage Type

Roof Leak Repair Costs

Roof leaks requiring minor repairs, like replacing old nails or a pipe boot, can cost roughly $300 to $500. Repairs for more significant issues like a leaking skylight or complete fascia replacement can reach prices as high as $2,000 depending on the extent of the damage.

Shingle Repair Costs

The cost of shingle repairs depends on the roofing materials and the surface area or number of shingles being fixed or replaced. The table below shows the average cost per square foot for common roofing materials:

Roof MaterialAvg. Repair Cost/Sq.Ft.
Asphalt Shingles $2.36 - $10.15+
Metal Roofing $7 - $30.10+

Damaged Flashing Repair Costs

The cost of roof flashing repair will depend on the material and application of the roof flashing, as well as the amount of flashing to be repaired or replaced. The average cost to repair or replace flashing around your chimney can range from $400 to $1,600, while the cost to repair or replace flashing around your drip edge or pipe boot is often less expensive.

Storm Damage Roof Repair Costs

Repair costs from storm damage will depend on the extent of the damage. Light damage, like missing shingles from heavy winds, will cost significantly less than severe damage caused by a fallen tree. More significant damage could require repairs to the internal structure and supports of the roof, including trusses, sheathing, and underlayment.