Siding Financing in Indiana

Cochran Exteriors offers flexible financing options to make new siding affordable for any Indiana home or property owner. We offer deferred payments and low APR plans for terms between 6 and 180 months, upgrade your home’s exterior today.

$28,000 Siding Replacement Project in Indiana

3 Flexible Siding Financing Options

We recognize a siding replacement project is a significant investment for most Indiana homeowners. Cochran Exteriors offers a range of siding financing options to fit any budget. When you’re ready to enhance your home’s curb appeal and protection with new siding, explore our convenient siding financing options: 

6 Months 0% APR

6-month financing plan, 0% interest if paid in full within 6 months

60 Months 7.99% APR

60-month financing plan at 7.99% fixed interest rate

120 Months 9.99% APR

120-month financing plan at 9.99% fixed interest rate

Average Siding Financing Payments in Indiana

CityEst. Pay-In-Full CostEst. 6-month PaymentEst. 60-month PaymentEst. 120-Month Payment
Indianapolis $14,700 - $28,000 $2,450 - $4,667 $290.83 - $555.13 $216.84 - $413.49
Lawrence $14,700 - $28,000 $2,450 - $4,667 $290.83 - $555.13 $216.84 - $413.49
Marion $6,500 - $14,000 $1,083 - $2,333 $128.22 - $275.69 $95.83 - $205.54
Bloomington $14,700 - $28,000 $2,450 - $4,667 $290.83 - $555.13 $216.84 - $413.49
Carmel $28,000 - $60,000+ $4,667 - $10,000 $555.13 - $1,189.90 $413.49 - $886.23
Cicero $6,500 - $14,000 $1,083 - $2,333 $128.22 - $275.69 $95.83 - $205.54
Lafayette $14,700 - $28,000 $2,450 - $4,667 $290.83 - $555.13 $216.84 - $413.49
Muncie $6,500 - $14,000 $1,083 - $2,333 $128.22 - $275.69 $95.83 - $205.54
Plainfield $14,700 - $28,000 $2,450 - $4,667 $290.83 - $555.13 $216.84 - $413.49

What is siding financing? 

Siding financing provides up-front funding to home or property owners to use on siding projects. Siding financing will cover the cost of repairs or a full replacement and allow you to pay in convenient monthly installments.

Benefits of Siding Financing

  • Timely Home Improvements:
    Breathe new life into your home’s exterior without covering the entire cost upfront. Upgrade your property’s curb appeal and protection when you need it, while spreading out payments over a manageable schedule. 
  • Budget-Friendly Payments:
    Rather than straining your finances with a substantial lump sum, siding financing enables you to divide the total cost into affordable monthly installments seamlessly integrating with your budget.
  • Keep Your Savings:
    Paying for a complete siding replacement out-of-pocket can take a big hit on your hard-earned savings. Financing provides the flexibility to preserve your savings for unforeseen expenses while completing your siding project without unnecessary strain.
  • Credit Score Boost:
    Consistent, on-time payments for your siding financing not only enhance your home’s value but also contribute to building a stronger credit profile.
Financing for home improvements

Siding Financing Payment Methods

Make siding financing payments with a debit card, cash, or check

Other Ways to Pay for Siding in Indiana

  • Cash icon
    Conveniently pay for your new siding in cash and avoid interest charges and ongoing financial obligations.
  • check Icon
    Opt for the straightforward approach of dealing with your siding costs in one transaction by writing a check and finishing the process without the need for multiple payments.
  • Personal Loan Icon
    Personal Loan:
    Apply for an unsecured personal loan from a bank or lending institution, with terms tailored to your creditworthiness and income profile. 
  • Credit Card Icon
    Credit Card:
    Use a new or existing credit card to pay for your siding project and potentially earn rewards or cash-back incentives. With credit cards, however, you may be subject to paying 2-3% extra in processing fees. 
  • Home Equity Loan Icon
    Home Equity Loan:
    For homeowners with sufficient equity, a home equity loan or line of credit acts as a second mortgage to provide funds for siding projects. 
  • Umbrella Icon
    Insurance Claim:
    If accidental or uncontrollable damage necessitates a siding replacement, review your homeowners’ insurance policy for potential reimbursement coverage. 
  • Government Loan Icon
    Government-Funded Home Improvement Loan:
    Explore government-sponsored home improvement programs that provide low-interest loans or grants for eligible homeowners undertaking major renovations like siding.

Calculate Indiana Siding Costs

Our easy-to-use, FREE Indiana siding cost calculator provides price-range estimates for a full siding replacement based on the specifications of your home. 

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