Everyone wants to own a house that they feel proud of - one that can capture the attention of a passersby. Any house can be brought back to its original beauty with a little TLC. One of the most crucial aspects of a makeover that tends to get overlooked is the rooftop. People ignore it even though it's one of the first things people see, even at a distance. For anyone who strives for perfection, the chance of having a new and better looking roofing system installed on a building can make a huge improvement. With recent advances in technology within the construction industry, a new roofing system can be a beautiful, unique design and become a more energy efficient addition to the home. Who wouldn't want to save money while adding charm to their home? A roof is one of the most expensive parts on the structure of a building and can be a tough decision to make; however, working with a reputable, honest company can make the process much easier.

Choose a Design

Knowing budget allowances for a new structure, a roof design can be selected to achieve whatever look is desired for the house. Many people elect to match the design of the roof to the exterior of the home. Material selection is a similar process with many also selecting materials that match the exterior of the home to give it a great curb appeal as well. There are several things that can be done when designing this new structure that covers the top of a home.

Choose a Color

The true beauty of a home can be complimented by choosing a color that suits each home's own character. Roofing material comes in a variety of colors from which to select the product and the color that best suits each individual house. This might be a good time to ask for ideas from a contractor to be sure that the choice is the right color for the style and design of the roof as well. Here at Cochran Exteriors we can take an image of your home and complete a virtual makeover so you can get an idea of what the finished product will look like.

There are many different styles and shapes from which to make a selection. No matter which you decide to go with, this new look will deserve and receive many second glances!


One of the most common considerations when installing a new roof is its durability. It is important to think about not only about how the new structure will look; it is also valuable to consider how durable and functional it will be. How many years can this structure and the materials used last? Does it have the ability to resist the various kinds of roofing problems brought on by the power of Mother Nature? Let our expert roofing contractors help you make the right decision, together!