Interested to See if your Roof Has Damage?

We are able to give instant feedback for free! Check if your roof has sustained damage from storms by using our Weather Insights tool!


Late spring has brought with it a lot of chaotic weather this April 2020 as severe storms have swept through Central Indiana. Many homeowners were even left without power after the storms brought down power lines in the second week of April. You might even have seen tornado warnings on your television or heard the sirens outside.

In fact, the National Weather Service confirmed that over 19 tornados touched down during the severe storms on April 8 throughout the Tristate area, including Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Cochran Exteriors has been interviewed by Channel 13 WTHR about the potential damage that such weather can cause to the home and what homeowners should do in the aftermath. Our owner, Ross Cochran, spoke with Anchor Scott Swan about the how important it is to check out your home for any signs of roofing damage. Essentially, if you don't look now and miss some damage the problem can become exponentially worse in just a short time.

What to Look for After a Wind or Hailstorm

If your home has been through one of these April storms it's important to inspect your property to make sure it is undamaged. There can be lots of obvious signs, such as a big hole in the roof, but also subtler signs of wind and hail damage too. Walk around your property looking out for the following:

  • Fallen shingles in the yard
  • Loose or curling shingles on the roof
  • Small holes or divots in the siding and roof
  • Asphalt granules in the gutters
  • Tree limbs and debris on the roof
  • Water spots or a musty smell inside

If you do notice some signs of roof damage from this April's storms or any other severe weather, reach out to Cochran Exteriors. We can set you up with a free virtual consultation and an in-person roof inspection. If we find damage, our team will be happy to provide a free quote for roof repairs in Indianapolis.