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Is your home’s roof beginning to show signs of damage? Get in touch with Cochran Exteriors right away! We’re the Kokomo roofing specialists with over 50 years of combined experience in the roof replacement business. Our metal roof options are numerous and can help you save money for years down the road.

We offer 50-year limited warranties and financing plans to help homeowners make paying for their investment easier than ever.

Metal Roofing That’s Durable and Budget-Friendly

Many homeowners aren’t sure what sets metal roofs apart from other styles. Besides their elegant look, they offer benefits that include durability and high performance in extreme climates.

  • Noise: While some people are concerned metal roofs will make too much noise during storms, those fears can be assuaged thanks to our special insulating sheathing! This extra insulation will keep noise levels at a minimum.
  • Lightning: Don’t buy into the myth that metal roofs are more likely to experience lightning strikes. They’re not. In the off chance your home is struck by lightning, your metal roof will be less likely to catch fire.
  • Hail: We design our roofs with nature in mind. Our metal roofs will perform exceptionally even in 120 mile-per-hour winds. If your area sees hail and snowstorms frequently, rest assured that this roofing material is resistant to damage from these icy forms of precipitation.
  • Style: No one wants to be pigeon-holed into selecting a certain style of roof. That’s why we offer roofs with all the benefits of metal roofing but in styles that look like traditional roofing materials. For example, you can choose a metal roof that is created to look like cedar, asphalt, clay, or even slate!
  • Efficiency: Our metal roofs reflect UV rays, helping to keep your home’s internal temperatures constant. Thanks to their weathertight design, our roofs keep out air drafts, which can turn into savings on your energy costs.
  • Cost: Metal roofs sometimes cost a bit more up front than other styles. Homeowners will want to keep in mind that these roofs last longer than those styles. In fact, metal roofs can last up to three times as long as traditional roofing materials.

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