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Flat roof seams. Seams of flat roofing materials are often soldered together with heat.

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Flat roofing can be tricky to strategize when deciding what kind is suitable on a building or home. Some materials can be very helpful in commercial applications but cause issues on the residential side.

Here are just some of the factors to consider when installing a flat roof:

  • Maintenance needed (like snow removal, sitting water, etc.)
  • Installation cost.
  • Energy efficiency of the flat roof materials.

Here at Cochran Exteriors we offer you flat roofing repairs, maintenance and installation for both residential and commercial applications.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help you pick the right kind of roofing for your home or building. They will take a look at the property and give our professional opinion - in writing too.

Getting started is easy, just call or email us today. We serve customers in Greenwood, Carmel, Indianapolis and surrounding Indiana areas.

Expert Flat Roofer with Installation Experience

Top-notch roofing material won't do its job correctly if it's installed incorrectly. You want to make sure you hire a roofer with the resources to do it the right way so your home doesn't have any issues down the road.

Cochran Exteriors is one of these top-quality roofers and we offer you:

  • Courteous, well-trained crew
  • Proper equipment and tools to do the job
  • Experience with the roofing material you wish to install. 

Flat Roofing Options & Solutions:

Built-Up Roofing or BUR:
This kind of flat roofing is one of the oldest. It involves applying tar paper and tar in layers with gravel coating on top. This treatment needs repair or maintenance to add more layers and over time if not kept up properly can cause issues. It's fairly inexpensive to install but there are updated methods that are more value oriented.

Modified Bitumen.
This option comes in 3 foot wide rolls to make it easier to get on and apply to the home or building. The material is rolled out to overlap seams which can then be adhered together for added protection. An extra layer is added on top for added stability.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or EPDM roofing. EPDM roofing looks and feels like an inner tube and also comes in big rolls.

It's easy to apply on big, flat surfaces and is glued to the roof and. It can last 20 years or more with little maintenance but it's usually dark in color which absorbs more heat. A top layer is added for durability and you can also find this material in white coloring for the top layer.

PVC roofing. PVC roofing comes in single-ply material and is usually applied on large, commercial projects. The seams are welded together and creates one large sheet that is designed to keep moisture out. It's naturally white so it reflects heat more easily.  

TPO roofing. TPO is short for thermo-plastic olephine, the chemical composition of this fabric-like roofing material. TPO represents a newer roofing technology that’s still being refined by different manufacturers. The material comes in rolls of different sizes, making it suitable for a variety of flat roof projects. It can be installed with adhesives, mechanical fasteners or heat welding. Like EPDM and PVC roofing, TPO requires a clean, uniform substrate; it can’t be installed directly over existing roofing material. Although TPO usually costs less than EPDM or PVC, it doesn’t yet have the same track record of proven performance.

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) combines roofing, flashing & insulation. Instead of tearing off an old flat roof, SPF technology enables a contractor to spray on a continuous layer of high-density foam that seals leaks, bridges gaps and forms a waterproof barrier - even around roof penetrations like vent stacks. As a bonus, the cured foam layer has good insulation value, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs. Building owners who want to avoid the mess, disruption and expense of tearing off an old flat roof often find SPF roofing their best option. Once cured, the foam is coated with a sealant that protects against ultraviolet degradation.

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Cochran Exteriors has completed many, many commercial, residential and industrial building flat roofing projects in Indianapolis, Carmel, Greenwood, Noblesville, Westfield, Fishers, Franklin, Zionsville, Brownsburg, Greenfield and nearby towns and cities.

Our experts will inspect your building, go over all of the options, and answer any questions you may have. We take the time to make sure that you are able to make an informed decision when it comes to protecting your home or business.

To schedule an appointment for a free quote for flat roof replacement, repair, or installation, give us a call at 1-844-385-9766 or send us an email to get started.

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