Edinburgh Window Replacement

Cochran Exteriors can help you select the right windows to fit the style and feel of your home.

Replacing your windows may be one of the most cost-effective decisions you can make. We know everything windows at Cochran Exteriors, your Edinburgh window replacement company. At this time, it’s essential to protect the investment of your home and lower your housing costs as much as possible. We want to help our customers enjoy the beauty of their homes without worrying about being vulnerable to costly damages. Let us help you add value to your home.

Since 2010 our experienced team has provided excellent service to businesses and homeowners in their vital exterior repairs and replacement needs. We value serving our community and have completed thousands of community projects in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. We are a top-rated exterior remodeling company with a reputation for customer satisfaction. We are the window replacement contractor for you.

Our new window installation options include:

  • Fiberglass Windows
  • Vinyl Windows

Expertly Installed Fiberglass Windows

If you are looking for an Edinburgh window installation provider that you can trust to deliver superior service, contact us at Cochran Exteriors. Our team of expert installers is certified in installing high-performance fiberglass windows. Fiberglass windows are up to 8 times stronger than other options and offer more natural light because of their thinner frame. Let us provide you with our award-winning service on your next window replacement project.

Professional Edinburgh Window Installers for Your Vinyl Windows Project

Replacing your old, dated windows with new vinyl windows can add more value to your home while saving you some money. We have many cost-effective vinyl window options at Cochran Exteriors, your Indianapolis local window installation contractor. Our professional staff will install your new windows according to your color and style options as well as your home’s specific measurements. Your vinyl windows will not require constant painting and can handle fluctuating temperatures throughout the year. 

Get A Free Consultation When You Call Us Today

Whether you want to upgrade your home with a vinyl or fiberglass window replacement, we’ve got you covered at Cochran Exteriors. Call us today to get your free estimate on an Edinburgh window replacement. We are the Indianapolis area’s premier window contractor. We also provide services in roofing, siding, doors, gutters, and commercial exterior remodeling projects. Get started with us today. 

Fiberglass vs Vinyl Windows

  • Maintenance - Vinyl can warp in heat, but can handle rapid temperature fluctuations
  • Strength - The windows are easy to install and don't require consistent painting
  • Materials - While you can see "scar marks", vinyl is a more affordable option
  • Stability - Expands and contracts at higher rates, but generally long-lasting