Sheridan Hail Damage Restoration

Our roofing damage experts work with your homeowner's insurance so you don't have to.

Every resident of the Midwest knows that the region can experience some unpredictable weather. While normally mild, certain storms have the potential to cause lasting damage to your home. Of particular concern are hail storms, which can wreak havoc on your roof and siding.

If you've experienced roof hail damage, contact the roof restoration contractors at Cochran Exteriors. We've completed thousands of projects in Sheridan and the greater Illinois area, giving you the confidence in a roofing company that you need. We're A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and are members of numerous contracting associations throughout America. Let our dependable crew reverse the damage your home has incurred.

Comprehensive Inspections of Your Roof Hail Damage

After a damaging storm, it's always imperative to check your roof for damage. Ignoring this can lead to costly repairs down the line as the damage compounds. While a quick inspection may detect surface damage, it's always best to contact specialists. We've been providing complete inspections to our Sheridan customers since 2010, and are highly trained at detecting even the most inconspicuous damages. By hiring an expert crew of professionals, you can rest assured that your roof has been inspected with a fine-tooth comb.

Quickly Repairing Your Sheridan Home

If it's determined that your home will need repairs, Cochran Exteriors can be trusted to get the job done on time, every time. Some common signs of roof damage that might require repair services include:

  • Crumbling or Missing Shingles
  • Stains Located on Your Home's Ceiling
  • Discolored Areas on Your Roof
  • Excess Moss Growth

In rare cases, your Sheridan home might need a complete roof replacement. If this happens, Cochran Exteriors will be there to lend a hand.

‚Äč‚ÄčExpert Insurance Claim Assistance for Peace of Mind

If your home goes through a nasty storm and you need hail damage roof repair, the last thing you should have to worry about is insurance coverage. Cochran Exteriors are experts at dealing with even the worst hail damage roof insurance claims. We have our own internal claims department that works directly with your homeowner's insurance to maximize coverage. We'll provide detailed cost estimates and a repair plan that meets coverage requirements so that you can get back to your every day life as quickly as possible.

Get Started Today and Ask About Our Financing

Here at Cochran Exteriors, we're dedicated to bringing our Sheridan customers the highest quality service. If you've experienced roof hail damage, our experts can provide you with the best inspection, repair, and insurance assistance work in the Midwest.

Reach out to one of our representatives today and learn about our no payments for 12-months financing plan. We look forward to hearing from you!